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New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain.

Each January, roughly one in three human beings resolve to better themselves in some way. A much smaller percentage of people actually make good on those resolutions. While about 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a week, less than half (46%) are still on target six months later.

It's hard to keep up the enthusiasm months after you've swept up the confetti, but it's not impossible. This year, pick one of the following worthy resolutions, and stick with it. Here’s to your health!

1.    Be a morning-bird

Being a early bird regularly might be a little painful in beginning, but then starts showing the positive results gradually. Waking up early makes the body-mind and soul happy, healthy and stress-free. By doing this, one can get many moresmore energy, more motivation, more efficiency, more productivity, more concentration, more success, more proactive, more optimistic, more free time, etc.   

2.    Meditate daily

Meditation practiced regularly will lead to a deeper level of relaxation and contemplation. If you want to be free of constant worry, pleasure and stress, the benefits of meditation can give you a life that is calm, peaceful, happy and relaxed. Every 15 - 20 minutes of meditation a day will help alleviate stress and cure mental & physical disorders.
3.    Drink hot water

Drinking hot water regularly strengthens the digestive power and reduces the metabolic wastes that have accumulated in the body. It should be taken sip-by-sip in a little quantity after every hour throughout the day. To increase the positive effect you can add 1 – 2 slices of fresh ginger or a pinch of ginger powder to the boiling water.

4.    Scrape your tongue

Ayurveda says that tongue can teach a lot many things going in our body by simply noticing its characteristics. It can inform us how we should start the day. 

A body with healthy organs and a clear digestive tract will show up pretty pink tongue. A body with clogged organs or undigested food from the night before will show up with a layer of fuzz, white film, quivers, and indentations from teeth or bumps on the tongue. These are the toxins lingering in your body.

To clear out them you can have detoxifying juices, eat light food for the whole day or do a full body cleansing by consulting an Ayurvedic practitioner. But firstly you should scrape off these toxins off your tongue out so that you do not re-ingest them into your system. This should be done gently for 7 – 14 times with help of a clean stainless steel tongue scraper.

5.    Exercise for good health

Exercise is an important part of life as it not only strengthens joints and muscles but also protects heart from various ailments like hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, etc. thereby keeping your body happy and healthy.

Any sort of exercise like walking, Yoga, etc. should be done regularly. But do take care that you do not strain your body. After every strenuous exercise it is important to have a relaxing exercise. Feeling breathless is not a positive sign. It rather says that you need a short break. Morning (6 am -10 am) is the best time to exercise.

6.    Pamper yourself daily

One of the most enjoyable things you can do for your body and health is to have a full-body oil massage in the morning before shower. An oil massage has a soothing effect on the nervous system, improves circulation of blood, strengthens bones, brings lustrous skin and helps in removing toxins from the body. It also brings a soft, flexible, strong and attractive body. Massage should be done softly with sesame oil or any herbal oils as it helps in rejuvenation.

7.    Detoxify your body seasonally

Ayurveda recommends internal cleansing at every change of seasons. Detox is considered beneficial especially in the spring, because that is the time all of nature is rejuvenating itself.

Toxicity in our body that mainly pertains to diet and life style discrepancy, subsequently leads to a number of physical ailments like obesity, hypertension, abdominal distress, acidity, etc. All the more, our body tends to experience general lack of well being and lose its outward radiance as well as internal resistance power.

Panchkarma therapies help cleansing the body and overhaul it time to time thereby helping to  counterbalance and reduce the toxicity. There is a noticeable gain in vigor and vitality, improved skin conditions, regular bowel movements, and better digestion physically and mental gains include increased levels of clarity and a feeling of cheerfulness.

8.    Maintain etiquette of eating

You should eat when you are actually hungry. It should be neither too much nor too little. Your meal should consist one-third of solid foods, one-third with liquid such as juice, soup or water and the last one-third should be left empty to allow for movement of air and proper function of digestive juices. A simple way of deciding whether you are being optimum about eating is to stop before eating your fill. Never have your fill but always leave before.

Do not read or watch TV while eating. Just sit calmly and in relaxing posture while eating food. Do not skip breakfast and avoid heavy food at night. Eat freshly made and warm food only.

9.    Have a sound sleep

In Ayurveda, early to sleep and early to rise is recommended. This is because your body gets best rejuvenation by sleeping by 10 pm at night. It would also allow you to wake up till dawn making you feel free, happy and energetic all the time.  

Generally many people are used to watching TV or working till late night. But this starts disturbing the natural biological cycle of the body causing fatigue, restlessness, hyper acidity, imbalanced mind, etc. Such people can have regular oil massage, warm baths, light food in evening, listen to relaxing music, etc. for getting sleep on time.

10. Listen to your body

Fever is one of the best examples of showing that our body talks to us. When the toxins increase in the body; the body temperature goes high, you feel weak and anorexic. Fever helps the body naturally to digest the undigested material in the body by increasing the body temperature and stopping you from eating as the rest food has to be digested first. So, one should listen when the body starts talking. After having heavy food, you don’t feel hungry for many hours. This means that your body is telling you not to eat till all the heavy food is digested.

This post is written by Dr.Jaina Patwa who is a Chief Ayurvedic practitioner based at Vile Parle, Mumbai, India. She is available as an online Ayurvedic Consultant on Skype. Skype ID - vishwacare

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