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Get child as you always dream with help of Ayurveda

                               PUNSAVAN SANSKAR 


Planning for the Baby is the most important point comes first after marriage towards the couple. If you are one of the couples who think about planning for child, that is pleasurable and VishwaCARE greets you and pray to God for helping you as your choice of baby and he help you to choose the best ever.
We appreciate that you decided to go for child with the best thinking and planning. Because of most of couples have first child is the result of and unexpected pregnancy. You must have interest in the subject related getting child as per our dreams and if it is second or third child, commonly our thinking goes to gender selection also. But, the question is can we do it? Or if yes, how can it be possible? Before answering these questions, we want to share such thinking from Ayurveda: An ancient Indian system of Medicine. Most of couples have question only on the male or female child, but the important question would be how we can get child best ever. What are the guidelines for making our child genius, clever, Intelligent, cultured, civilized, Polite all qualities to make itself best ever?
Age of Ancient India, Ayurveda and all Vedas of Indian cultures makes more important on quality of the next generation and The Rushis of Ancient India are all time alert for producing the best Generation in society. Thus, Ayurveda mentioned many ideas for getting best child and also of our choice of Gender.
PUNSAVAN SANSKAR is mentioned in the ancient texts of Ayurveda which describes that we can get a happy and healthy child of our choice if done a good planning. For making our society healthy and fully developed; our ancient Saints have gifted us with the most important sixteen ‘Sanskars’. “Punsavan” Sanskar is one of those 16 sanskars described by ancient saints of India.
There are two principles of ‘Punsavan Sanskar’.
1. Best Child
2. Child as your desire- Male OR Female
remember that the first concept of this sanskar is BEST child, if you not willing in the gender selection, however you should think for punsavan for BEST child.

1. Best Child: Every couple wishes that their child would be best ever among the all children of their age. Ayurveda thinks in three ways for best qualities :
(a) Physical Health: Physical health is not only depends on the weight of the child, but will be based on the Immunity power of the body.
Making body healthy by developing immunity is one of the best concepts of Ayurveda. When we compare the child of Punsavan Sanskar with other children, we find that this child is more able to fight with the epidemic or any infectious conditions. Even if the couple suffers from any hereditary diseases or if they are carrier of it, Punsavan can provide a protection for the child from it.
(b) Mental Health: Any one wants to make their child Genius, Intelligent, Sharp, and Clever and have more grasping and sharper memory. Punsavan Sanskar has the concept of best mental development in it. Our ancient saints also describe “Suvarnaprashan Sanskar” after the birth of child to get the best mental and physical health.
(c) Sanskar: Sanskar makes the child cultured, civilized, and polite. The best characters of Ancient Indian culture like Ram, Krishna, Arjun, Yudhisthir, Eklavya, Dhruv, Prahalad,etc. are the best examples of Indian rituals and among of all sanskars described by Indian Saints.
2. Getting Desired Child: In this concept you can select gender of your next child.
Whenever we think on the gender selection; you must understand that there is not any miracle, any recipe, suspicion, superstition, but this therapy is the based on pure scientific concepts. Indian saints develop this idea based on deeply knowledge of Medical science, embryology and theory of hereditary. Punsavan therapy has logical conviction about this treatment. We should make trust on Ayurveda, because today’s modern science will be changed in nearby future, but Ayurveda has no need of changes in its basic principles and those medicines already work today also. Result is the proof of perfection and Ayurveda gives always fantastic result. So don’t under estimate Ayurveda by our limitation of understanding this science. We never major Ayurveda’s limitation by our limited knowledge. Our Scientists are working hard to understand this theory. Hope, they will be success in nearby future and we can prove the truth of the Great Science. So, mean time why we have to ignore this? Our Saints have not any greed of any incentive for their great invention, so they never go for ‘Patent’.
Well, now we have to understand whole theory in terms of Ayurveda. There are three steps for the treatment of male  or female child. The Couple should understand and have to make passion while this treatment.
First Step….
Normally the fetus in uterus is the result of the conception of both male sperm and female ovum. Thus, the gender and qualities of fetus are depends on both father-mother’s seed, which incarnate the whole profile of fetus. As per the rule of nature strongest genes depress the symptoms of weak genes. Thus, as per this theory the male sperm must be stronger than the ovum. So, panchkarma therapies are used to detoxify both the partners & then Ayurvedic treatments are given to make the sperm & ovum stronger and free of any hereditary diseases.
Investigations of both the partners is advised so as to find out if there is any problem with the sperm & ovum. The male partner has to investigate his semen analysis. The count and motility of sperms must be more than normal limits. If the male does not find same report, then Ayurvedic medicines are given for getting the level of qualitative and quantitative sperms.
At the same time female sex hormone levels also have to define. If FSH, LH and Prolactin are more than normal values, treatment requires. In both male and female treatment Ayurveda medicines are more effective without any side effects. The couple must have to use any contraceptives during this step. And the use of condom is most reliable.
Second Step:-
In this step, couple has to prepare themselves for conception. Intercourse on specific days with specific diet and instruction is most important thing in this step.
Calculating the days of intercourse is more complicated, so the couple has to avoid self calculation. You should take help of expert of this field. Calculation  depends on menstruation cycle and the nature of ovulation. Normally if the female has regular and timely periods without any complications, then the even days after the menses are the days for conception for male child and the odd days are for female. The first day of bleeding has to count as the first day for calculation. Couple has to choose the nearest days of ovulation. Till you don't conceive, you should try in the same manner every month.
Third Step:-
After conception this step starts for three and half month’s treatment for the male or female child and till delivery for the best & healthy child.
There are five parts of this treatment :
1.      Detoxification with Panchkarma therapies
2.    Ayurvedic treatments
3.    Diet chart
4.    Good Lifestyle
5.      Nasal drops- To be taken on specific days of Pushya nakshatra.

After these five steps, couple is eligible for getting the child as their dream with Gods blessings.

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